Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance

A Wretched Hive - part 1

In to a wretched hive of scum and villiany they go

With the heroes now fed and revived on the Resurgence, the Captain calls them into a conference room. Admiral Varth explains that part of his responsibility in a secret Imperial scheme known as the Sarlacc Project was to arrange the covert exchange of resources through a Hutt crime lord on the planet Cato Neimoidia. Captain Verana orders the heroes to infiltrate the Hutt's organisation and find what they can about the Hutt's dealings with the Empire.

Now that they are not covering her ship's floor in blood, the stern (yet beautiful when she makes that face) Captain Okeefe zips the valiant heroes off to Cato Neimoidia. Deciding to set down at a space port slightly further away from their target in the city of Zarra, the heroes play the roll of stowaways; and to the Captain's great delight, she gets to yell at them and drive them off her ship. When confronted by the dock administrator, the heroes nonchalantly direct her to the Captain.

After a strong drink at the tavern, the heroes barely survive a run in with infamous swoop gang, the Vipers. Following their gathered information to the industrial sector, the heroes search for a Rodian called Warrick Raden, one of Zarga's lackeys.

After an intense battle, Raden surrenders to the heroes and takes them to Zarga's palace – an old abandoned Nemoidian palace. Zarga is disappointed in Raden and he is taken to the holding cells. Curious about the heroes, Zarga extends them an invite to stay as guests. 

THe heroes observe a gruesome gladiator battle between a lone Wookkiee and a band of Trandosians. There after Zarga invites the heroes to participate in droid racing. Sadly the heroes do not fair to well. Using the distraction and suspect of future events, Bob slips away and finds his way to the area's waiting area. Here he hides a blaster pistol.

The evening closes with entertainment and a feast – all the while, some of the heroes are aware of being watched by the Hutt's major domo. When approached, he stalks away.

During the night, Nuk is bothered by visions of some unknown person calling out for help.

The next day the heroes are entertained by music and another gladiator performance. Bob tries to go down to the holding cells to go down and see Raden. Dumb though the guard is, he knows his duty. Thereafter, Bob and the guard goes into a long pointless debate as Bob makes futile efforts to convince the guard that the key he is holding, gives him access to the holding cells. Clearly…the guard knows how to distinguish blue and green security key cards.

On a couple of occasions, Nuk is again plagued by voices of warning and pleading.

After the night's entertainment, the two ladies leave Bob and go to explore the grounds. Intrigued by a small two story building in the grounds, its lights shining a dim yellow in the dark evening, they wander over and knock on the door. An elderly Nemoidian named Gome, answers the door and is immediately intrigued by the two young girls he has found on his doorstep. In contrast to the outside of the cottage, the inside looks like a make shift command centre on a battlefield – a double row of computer screens line the living room, thick cables connect computers and cooling equipment. The screens are filled with financial figures, mathematical modelling and various broad casts of sports over the galaxy. Showing little loyalty to his employer, and with a clear weakness to the young ladies in his company, Gome spills the beans about the Hutt's operations. He reveals that the legitimate part of the operations are through funding teams of gladiators. He also adds that there is some business with the imperials.


What dangers await our heroes? What will they discover of the Sarlacc project…    what is with the guard who can distinguish colour?! does Nuk have an aneurysm?

Stay tuned…



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