Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance

A Wretched Hive - part 3

Our brave heroes are informed that Darga the Illustrious would have them attend an important audience with Imperial agents. Told to merely observe, the heroes mingle among the crowd. Bob gets stuck behind a big guy and just can't shake him. While he struggles to get a view, the two observant ladies listen as the Imperial Agent makes demands of the Hutt.

Suddenly, the Hutt calls for a recess, to the Agent's annoyance. A serving girl pulls the heroes round a back route to a small antechamber. The Hutt asks for the Heroes' opinion on the matter. They simply confirm the conclusion he had already come to: the increased production at a lower rate is fine, though the Imperial garrison is a bad idea. Pleased with his new arena champions' input, they all return to the audience chamber. It is only then, while Darga dictates his terms to the Imperial Agent, that the two ladies recognise the familiar face (Bob managed to place himself behind yet another tall alien and couldn't see anything). The Imperial Agent was aboard the Resurgence, and went by the name Alyssa. Not pleased with the outcome of the meeting, the Imperial trio depart immediately. Nonchalantly, Bob follows them out into the street, leaving the two ladies arguing.

As he turns a corner, the two soldiers grab him and slam him into a wall. Bob tries his best to change the topic as the Agent demands an explanation for his actions. Up close, Bob notices that the two soldiers are clones. She takes Bob's picture as the two ladies arrive. Looking them up and down, she and her two muscle men leave promptly.

Just as the heroes want to make their way back to the palace, a serving girl, returning from the market, passes and drops a fruit. Nuk picks it up, inspects it…and bites into it. Her senses tingle and she halts her jaws just as they are about to sink into an access card hidden inside the fruit. Bob nearly explodes with joy as he sees it is a green access card – just what he needs to finally get into the dungeons.

Meanwhile, Raden has been returned to the guest quarters.That evening, the heroes march down to the dungeons. Mr Green, the Gammorrean guard, is impressed that his friend, Mr Blue, got a green access card. Luckily all these colours do not create further confusion as he stands aside to let Bob and his two companions pass. As they get into the lift and tap the access card to the lift's control panel, they notice that an orange '-2' symbol is visible that was not there before. Eagerly Bob presses his thumb to the symbol. The lift rumbles down…….then Milandra & Nuk turn to Bob and berate him for his sound effects, as the lift would make no sound on its own.

A musty dank smell fills their delicate nostrils as the party looks down a corridor. Carefully they make their way to a larger room with three holding cells to the right, a storage room to the left, and what looks like an old hospital room. Once inside, they find an elderly lady in a deep, comatose sleep with machines and monitors hooked up to her – a tube is feeding a milky liquid into her veins. They manage to rouse her, seemingly unharmed.

She reveals herself to be Denia, a Jedi of the Republic. She believes the Clone War is still raging and that all the Jedi are alive and strong. She had inadvertently escaped Order 66. Eager to be free and with the promise that the heroes can remove her from the Hutt's palace, they ready themselves to depart. At that moment she informs them that the alarm has been raised and a short skirmish ensues with some Gammorean guards.

With the elevator locked down, the heroes follow a secret passage up to the throne room. Remaining unseen, they find the Hutt's major Domo speaking to a hologram of the Imperial Inquisitor, revealing him to have been in cahoots with the Empire. They try to sneak from the room, but Bob's sneaking skills betray them. A difficult battle, in and out of the shadows ensues.
With Raden coming to their aid, the heroes emerge victorious. After our heroes call for aid, Captain Okeefe makes a daring landing on a nearby rooftop. With Jedi Denia and Raden aboard the Banshee, our brave heroes return to the Resurgence.



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