Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance

Queen of Air and Darkness - part 1

Our hero head off to Bespin, the famous Cloud City to find more information as to this mysterious deal Darga the Hutt has with the Empire.

All their enquiries turn to dead ends. However, when they return to the ship, Captain Okeefe gives them a threatening message. Crash managed to track it to the industrial sector. Bold as brass, off our heroes go. Quickly they find the Parliament of Guilds, that run one of the many Tibanna gas operations on the station. They are aware of two of their colleagues that are siphoning off the gas and selling it to the Hutt. They are too afraid to confront them however, and are willing to trade information if the Heroes deal with them.

Sure enough, our brave heroes corner the two dodgy Ugnaughts, who put up quite a fight for such little guys. They then learn that Darga has a deal going down with the Empire at the annual Sabacc tournament that is being held the following week. This is the largest shipment yet – gas for slaves. But who the player are, they don't know.




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