Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance

Queen of Air and Darkness - part 2

Armed with new information, the heroes head off to the Yerith Bespin Hotel, one of the finest hotels in the galaxy. Whilst in the lobby, they easily spot a noble who is very upset with his accommodations. It is also quite obvious that he is being closely observed by his entourage of 6. While the hotel sorts out this problem, their group heads off to the market, with the heroes inconspicuously in tow…

Ostensibly as a cover story, Nuk picks up a pet Numbat from the market and Chumble soon becomes inseparable from her new owner. Then Bob spots their prey. Again they follow, this time down a laneway to a small courtyard. The heroes were not as inconspicuous as they thought, as they are confronted by the bodyguards and find themselves on the wrong side of many blasters. In the heat of the battle, a stray shot finds a home in Baron Kithriss' chest. Being an OCD person (and also covering his own ass), the Baron kept detailed notes about his task – full logs, notes, access card to his suite. The heroes decide to assume his identity and enter the tournament, especially after they find enough credits in the Baron's hotel room to front the entry fee.

While relaxing at the spa, their plan takes shape – Milandra will enter the Sabacc tournament with Nuk as a guest and Bob will get himself on security detail, with the help of a contact of Captain Okeefe. Meanwhile Switch also contacts them, and offers them a side deal to assist a player of his – the strikingly beautifull Captain Koroma Moro.

The tournament kicks off with a big ceremony and finally the 52 players take their seats. The Imperial officer is easy to spot as he does not try to hide his identity. Day one of the tournament goes well, with Milandra progressing to day two.

Day two also goes well, with Bob catching one of the players smuggling in a blaster pistol. The head of security takes care of this player. At the end of the day 14 players, including Milandra, progress through to the next round.



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