Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance

The Traitor's Gambit

Episode I

After finishing a mission, Bob & his faithful companion (yet to be named), find them selves on the Sel Zonn space station above the core world of Brenthaal. After having to spend most of their funds on supplies, the duo head to the Gundark's Cantina. Here they meet Nuk Marr, Zabrak with no love for the empire as she, herself was destined to study to become a Jedi. Looking for allies against the Empire, Nuk joins the human duo.

As they wander out on to the busy promenade of the station, a young female technician stumbles towards them, desperately calling for help. Shortly after a fire fight breaks out between the trio, two Storm troopers and two Imperial agents. Sadly, they do not manage to save the woman. As they recouperate, Bob investigates a datapad they found. It is revealed that she was an agent of the Alderaniaan Security Force and was after valuable cargo.

Following clues uncovered from the datapad, the party find themselves creeping through the underbelly of the station to a storage unit. While Bob & Nuk stage an elaborate diversion, their remaining party member enters the storage unit. Here she finds the information broker Switch, a protocol droid. After a lengthy exchange, the party convinces (by means of most of the party's funds) Switch to reveal the location of the cargo. He also reveals the cargo to be a member of the Adleraanian Security Force, frozen in carbonite.

As the party is about to leave, a unhappy contact of Switch blunders in and the party soon finds themselves in the thick of it. Barely managing to save Switch and themselves the party seeks to recover before hunting down they valuable cargo.



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