Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance

A Wretched Hive - part 2

After enjoying an extensive buffet for breakfast, a scandalously dressed twi'lek serving girl graciously notifies the heroes that their presence is required in a short while. Bob's new Gammorean friend gives him a thumbs-up, and grunts "Hey Blue!" as they pass one another.

Darga has summoned an audience to hear the complaint of the Iron Fist swoop gang – their accuse Darga of providing them with second rate slaves. Darga and the scarred Zabrak go into debate, though Darga seems bored. Nuk spots a serving girl tip a vial of bright purple liquid into a goblet of wine, intended for Darga. Is she going to raise the alarm? how much does she care? her motives have been a little … unclear lately.

Not to fear! she cried out "Darga don't drink that!". Outraged at the interruption, and the accusation that one of his favorite serving girls would try to poison him. Darga is quick to accuse the Zabrak spokes person of the Iron Fist. They quickly withdraw their complaint, as Igren Demos, Darga's major domo drags the girl off to the holding cells. Bob immediately goes to try his luck again with "Green", the Gammorean guard. Not noticing the Hutt slithering up behind him, Bob think he finally succeeded as Green steps aside.

Once in the holding cells, Darga enquires how the heroes knew of this, as Igren straps the girl to an interrogation chair. After an explanation, Darga dismisses them, and our concerned heroes as ushered out by Igren.

Deciding to try their luck, Melandra finds one of the serving girls and enquires after the one that was captured. She proves convincing enough that the girl agrees to meet them in an hour and take them to the staff quarters. Once there, Bob keeps a look out as Melandra & Nuk search the dingy little room for clues. They are interrupted by Sixty-six, who is not fooled by Bob's vain attempts at a bluff, and reveals himself to be an informant of the Information Dealer, Switch. Sixty-six explains that he periodically sends transmissions of the Hutt's off to Switch. However, lately he found some encrypted transmissions that Switch cannot decrypt. Passing them a memory chip, the Droid asks the Heroes to deliver it to Switch and see if they can decrypt it somehow. Once he leaves, Melandra uncovers a note and a spare vial of the bright purple poison in a foot locker. They decide, however, to put everything back as it was for fear of creating a false impression.

After lunch, the heroes head to the bar adjacent to the audience chamber to ask the friendly Chiss bartender a few questions. Bob also enquires after Raden Warrick. Not a moment later, Raden is dragged in by two guards and held infront of Darga's dial. After an eloquent and elaborate 'monolog' (via his translator), Darga issues an execution order for Raden…also, he instructs the Heroes to perform the execution. After a short moral deliberation, Bob takes the axe from his friend and bravely steps forward, to Melandra's great disgust. Swiftly, Bob pulls out a thermal detonator and activates it. Using this as leverage, Bob argues for Raden to avenge himself in the gladiator area. Darga is very pleased at this, and decrees that Raden will be on the Heroes' team as they complete in the area tomorrow.

Troubled by the turn out of events, the heroes struggle to sleep.  Nuk in particular is having troubled dreams – finding herself walking alone in a dark forest. Suddenly mist presses in on her, and she hears a word of warning. She wakes. After some consideration of what to do….and hiding in the corner for a moment…she wakes Melandra. As the two step up to the door to leave, they find them selves face to face with two Quarren assassins…a third is busy slicing into Bob's apartment across the hall. After a difficult fight for their lives, the heroes dispose of two assassins and pin a third. The brave heroes, in their nighties, then see a black furred Wookkiee run off – this seems to be the same Wookkiee they saw in the Iron Fist delegation earlier in the day. After successful intimidation, they managed to get a name out of the assassin – Kooth Anan. Then backup arrived, the Hutt's guards take the assassin off their hands. Green is very chuffed that his friend, Bob, subdued the assailant.

As compensation, Sixty-six arranges for extra security and a Bacta tank for Nuk. The following morning, they find themselves in the arena, faced with the Karg Brothers (three Gammorean brothers), Zayda (a sniper) and RX-7246 the assassin droid. It was a grenade heave battle…a tough battle…with casualties on both sides. ….through the heroes emerge victorious and are showered in jewels and thunderous applause…

ok just a bag full of jewels…but there was an abundance in applause …and Darga is very impressed that the heroes bested his best gladiators.

Could Bob have a new friend? could the heroes find themselves in the arena again sometime in the near future? …. who knows…but for now…our heroes as having a good rest, in preparation for a big appointment the Hutt has planned…



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