Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance

The Traitor's Gambit - part 2

After having recovered, the brave heroes head to the Blue Deck to retrieve the Aldariaan agent frozen in carbonite.

Upon arrival on the Blue Deck, the heroes spot an imperial agent rushing off to the docking bay – the Empire had clear gotten wind of the precious cargo. The heroes hasten to the docking bay, hoping to salvage the situation. Saving the heroes some trouble, the empire had already retrieved the cargo, and was moving it to a waiting shuttle. Springing into action, the heroes engage the Imperial officer and 5 Stormies. The battle having taken its toll, and the cargo now in their hand, the heroes stand around wondering "what now?!"

In swoops the Banshee, captained by Captail Seleen Okeefe of Alderaan. Left with little options, and Imperial reinforcements on the way, the heroes board the yaught. After making a smooth getaway, the striking captain Okeefe introduces herself and her navigator, Crash, as friend of Maya and she was waiting for Maya to retrieve said cargo.

On Alderaan, captain Okeefe takes the heroes to the private estates of Senator Bail Organa. Pleased with the heroes performance, he entices them to assist in another quest for him. A veteran of the Clone Wars, Admiral Gilder Varth disapproves of the way the Emperor is twisting the once great Galactic Republic. It has been just over a month since the last communication rom the Admiral. It would appear that the Admiral has been taken to a prison facility on Felucia. Fearing that the Admiral has been discovered, and fear that a valuable ally might be lost, Bail Organa send the heroes to the beautiful, yet dangerous jungle world of Felucia.

As the blue tunnel of hyperspace fades away and the pinpoints of stars fill the windows of the cockpit, the heroes briefly glimpse the planet Felucia hanging just below. Almost instantly their eyes are drawn to the dagger-shaped starship looming ahead – an Imperial Star Destroyer. As the Star Destroyer changes course to intercept, Captain Okeefe quickly evades. Though great her skills are, the Banshee gets hammered by a couple of shots, sending the heroes plumeting to the planet's surface. She manages to safely land the ship, though repairs are needed and the heroes will have to make the rest of the journey on foot.

Milandra, the scout, did an excellent job of tracking through the jungle, avoiding many dangerous hazards. None the less, the heroes are ambushed by four seemingly brave Felucian warriors. The ambush party falls quickly, and a hermit arrives just to late to explain that this is all a terrible mistake. Formerly, Captain Varzus Mandrake, had let troops in the battle of Felucia. Similarly to the Admiral they were sent to rescue, the heroes learn that Varzus Mandrake took pity on the Felucian villagers and had become a hermit, living among them.

Having difficulty convincing the chief of their intentions to help and destroy the prison facility, the heroes spot a Storm Trooper Scout race away from the village. Varzus provides native Kybucks to the heroes and impresses on them the urgency that they catch the scout. And the chase is on. The heroes chase the speederbike through the dense jungle, through hollow tree trunks and even successfully evades the death throws of a dying rancor. The heroes discover a small imperial communications outpost. Bob makes short work of the Storm Troopers with the aid of grenades.

Back to the village, the chief is impressed and offers the aid of a scout to lead them to the Imperial garrison. Nuk & the Chief also swap some stories and she learns some new skills to lash out with the Force.



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